Sauna Heaven- Experience the Ultimate in Relaxation

Published: 28th January 2009
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Sauna heaven is not a myth when you understand 21st Century technology that goes into carbon-based saunas. Yes, you can own the best saunas for your home or spa.

What separates saunas- their heaters. Many conventional saunas use metal or ceramic in their heaters.

So what?

Well, it turns out that ceramic heaters operate at higher temperatures than carbon-based saunas. In practical terms this means that you receive less infrared radiant energy for detoxification.

Do you want that?

Of course not!

What about conventional carbon-based saunas that use metal plates instead of only carbon fibers. You do not want that either because these metal plates do not match your carbon-based structure completely.

At the cellular level, you are approximately 18.5% carbon. All living organisms are carbon-based. The best saunas on the market match your carbon-based structure without any metal panels or metal plates.

This is the real difference between conventional saunas and 21st Century saunas- the kind of heaters that are used.

Do you see this difference?

You need to check your sauna dealer's technology before you spend your hard earned money? You do this by asking him or her if they use metal plates, ceramic heaters, or other metals in the heating area.

Then you are an informed consumer!

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